Truck VS. Tree – Witness The Awesome Pulling Power Of Dodge Trucks

Truck vs. Tree.

That is a very old tradition, with deep roots. In European tradition, there is a phrase: “Every man need to build a house, have a son, and plant a tree”. Looks like American tradition is quite different in last part of this wisdom. Americans are pulling out the trees, that`s why they like powerful cars with huge engines. The truck is a very handy vehicle when you live outside of the big city because this vehicle is a reliable friend that helps you to do anything.

An old American Tradition is to pull the trees with their trucks.

Ok, I agree, there are some cases you need to pull out the tree, but in most cases, this is a just show-off. That`s not the proper mode of using your truck, but at least this is quite funny, I suppose. Here`s one more redneck guy, who tries to pull out a big tree with his truck. Actually, he is not prepared to do this properly. To pull the tree out, you will need to use a serious chain, but not a rope. Usually, rope fails, and it can even damage your truck, at least paintwork will suffer. But let`s see, how he deals with that.Hit the gas and tree is down!
This guy gets +100 to his karma for such a great trolling of rednecks, who are showing off with their trucks. Tiny tree is defeated! If you are reading this, you are a trolling pro! Ok, if you need to pull this tree out then make this task easier for your truck. Of course, your Powerstroke can handle this, but if you are concerned about your truck health, then don`t abuse it so rough. Such overloads on engine and gearbox, as well as on the frame will lead to damage.Pull the trees out responsibly!



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