Turbo Sierra Crew Cab Giving Sports Cars a Run for their Money


What comes to going fast in a straight line, people naturally so will think about all of the cars that are efficient in drag racing. Some of these cars might be something like a Ford Mustang or possibly even something like a Nissan GT-R, however, there is a whole community of trucks out there that are strapped and ready to hit the strip with a vengeance, showing off exactly what they’ve got and how they’re going to try and use it to sneak up on some lightweight counterparts and surprise them a little bit. There’s nothing like watching a heavyweight like this go to battle.

This time, we head down to Street Car Takeover in Atlanta as the BigKleib34 cameras are rolling and, on the other side of the lens, we get to check out a mighty GMC Sierra that means business. Not only is the truck different because it’s a crew cab but it also happens to be a gasoline powered machine.

Normally, when a truck this big ends up being anywhere near impressive, there is a diesel power plant under the hood. Now, it’s not like the truck is knocking on the door of single digits or anything but to me, mid 12s are definitely an impressive accomplishment for something that otherwise looks like you could very easily daily drive it.

If you follow along down the video below, you’ll be able to check out the truck as it goes up against the plethora of sports cars, really showing that it can hang in there and definitely isn’t something to be slept on. It might not be the fastest to ever do it but you can color us impressed to see such a heavy machine making its way with a spooling turbo under the hood. Be sure to check the truck out for yourself and tell us what you think of this heavy-duty pickup that is in it to win it.


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