The US Navy Knew How To Make The FASTEST Ship! Check Out The Pegasus-Class Hydrofoils!

We Americans love to compete and make the best of everything! Cars are the prime example of this phenomenon, where we take a car and modify it so it can be the fastest one on the road! This also applies for ships. Leave it to the US Navy to make the fastest ship! Thus, the Pegasus class hydrofoils were born.

These boats were fast patrol boats used by the US Navy several decades ago. They were easily distinguished by their unique designation β€œPHMβ€œ, which stood for β€œPatrol, Hydrofoil, Missileβ€œ.

They are no longer in use though, as they were used for only 16 years, getting decommissioned in 1993. This did not stop the class from getting dubbed as the fastest! They were intended for NATO operations, and proved highly effective when used for patrolling the coasts. Overall, these ships were really, really good in the water.


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