The US Navy Knew How To Make The FASTEST Ship! Check Out The Pegasus-Class Hydrofoils!

The basis for the technology used for these boats was the USS Tucumcari, a Boeing built hydrofoil. Like its successors, the USS Tucumcari was known as the fastest ship at the time it was in service. It could reach speeds of over 40 knots, or 46 miles per hour!

Given the fact that this ship was launched in 1967, that is quite an impressive feat! But that was not enough for our Navy, as they launched the Pegasus class hydrofoils in 1973, and they were even better than its predecessor!

A total of 6 ships were made, and they all bore names from the zodiac and mythology. These ships were capable of reaching speeds up to 48 knots when foilborne! That is a speed of 55 miles per hour, in water! Anyway, this was just a brief intro to the fastest ship in the US Navy! Watch it right here and be entertained!


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