Video: Dad Surprises Son with New Track Hawk, Priceless Reaction Unfolds


As a gearhead, there’s something just so appealing about the thought of having a kid who is as into performance as you are. Because you know and love the passion so much and are so familiar with it, you really can’t help but want to share with somebody else and who better to share them with than a son or daughter? It seems like the ultimate lifestyle, to have a family living around motorsports and bonding over one of the things that we know really has the power to turn this life into something worth living at times.

Thanks to this video, we get to join in on a family who is able to do just that as a father and son are able to bond over a gift that is an incredibly thoughtful gesture. Sure, the vehicle is nice but the thought that maybe this father and son will spend time under the hood of this Jeep Grand Cherokee TrackHawk together is almost even better.

The youngster might not realize it now but he might be looking back on this amazing vehicle years from now, realizing that it was really an ignition for endless memories to come about both with his father, his friends, and in all sorts of adventures.

Follow along in the video below as we’re taken along for the journey as the gift is unveiled, completely catching this Jeep fanatic off guard. It’s pretty fun to watch him walk through the dealership, pointing out different features of the TrackHawk as he seems to be so engrossed in the SUV that he doesn’t even notice that one of them will soon belong to him. Once he finally figures it out, the son’s reaction is pretty priceless and one that his father will be able to appreciate with this video for years to come. Its pretty great to see someone so grateful for such an awesome gift!



Happy Birthday to my son. He loves his new Track Hawk.

Posted by James Goldrick on Thursday, January 18, 2018

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