Vulcan XH558 Aircraft Performs An Impressive TAKE-OFF & At The Farnborough FIA14!

Practicing for an amazing display, this Vulcan XH558 Aircraft does one awesome wheelie. The Vulcan`s engines are already retired, and this one in the video below is the last time that a XH558 flies. This is done at famous and iconic Farnborough. It`s been more than 62 years since the prototype of this airplane has dramatically appeared at a time when the British airplane industry literally ruled the world.

They produced a long line of amazing aircraft which definitely proved their value in undertaking constant service with the Royal Air Force, Navy and various air forces around the globe. It really is an iconic aircraft that will stay written in history.

The Vulcan XH558 Aircraft is a jet-powered delta-wing strategic bomber, operated mainly by the RAF from 1956 to 1984. It was designed by aircraft manufacturer A.V Roe. When this company designed the Vulcan, it had no defensive weapons, and it initially relied upon high-altitude and high-speed flight in order to evade interception.

However, it`s been a lot developed since then, becoming one of the greatest bomber planes to date. Why this airplane is so impressive is because it`s a merge of a fighter jet and a bomber. Because of that, it was given a fighter style control column. Check out the Vulcan roaring in the video below.



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