Watch This Powerful 1,000+hp Peterbilt 379 SEMI Truck Roals Coal and Hauls Ass!

Truck speed 1000 hp offers us a show.

While walking on a highway and see the trucks in front of you feel overtaking them u feel like through speed racing. This video demonstrates otherwise rare. At first, it seems like a normal gait SEMI Peterbilt Truck 379 but it takes place, a large plume of smoke coming from the exhaust of a truck two which offers you a normal speed, guessing the cars around you has activated nitro.

Hey, what it is that Is trying great pass attempts?! Truck transport company Fedex. About seconds and 1,000 horses force truck are working hard and Fedex labor also lies behind the driver that follows the camera.

Many of the car drivers If they were in such a situation they would like to stay in the passenger seat of a truck driver seeing how that power this machine carries great passing and speed allowed by large commercial vehicles.

It’s nice when you see how the vehicles as Peterbilt offer these fun doing not understand the signs of the road. If, however, existed a road police patrol what you think could do?! I believe it will make an exception because such cases rarely occur.

Check it out!



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