Watch This Schneider Truck Battle Against Strong Winds

A storm chaser who was documenting severe weather in Champaign and Tuscola, Illinois, recently captured this scene of a semi truck battling strong winds.

The frightening moment was captured on Interstate 57 in Champaign County on March 30th.

In the video, the truck can be scene fighting against strong cross winds, which reached as high as 65 mph, according to the video’s description. Despite several close calls, the driver of the truck managed to keep the rig upright.

The footage was captured by Jesse Walters from the Storm Chasing organization JWSevere Weather.

β€œA brief, very small funnel was produced just south of Tuscola, 65 mph winds were produced, and a semi almost overturned several times during the event,” the description adds.

Watch the clip below.



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