Watch How Her Tight Dress Flies Up During a Ride!


Motorcycle Girl!

When your Girlfriend has a huge butt.Hi, Folks, as any speed lover you probably know how great is to ride a bike. This is an awesome feeling, when you are completely free and you can fly like a bird, no, faster than a bird.But there is an issue of being a biker. No this is not about the safety and all that boring stuff, you hear millions of times from all those experts, who are driving Prius in Eco Mode.

This is not about riding a bike is extremely dangerous. No, this is not about speed, because the only jerk is riding a bike without violating speed limit, moreover if we are speaking about sports bikes.

n this issue, you will see the main difference between motorcycle and car. And you will see, that motorcycle has fewer advantages that a good car.Let`s start! To ride a bike you need a good stylish gear, because if you have boring and cheap gear – you should stay home.


The good helmet protects your head from wasting your brain of the asphalt. This is the mandatory unit for any rider. If it is stylish – chicks are looking at you. If not… stay at home.

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