Watch How Her Tight Dress Flies Up During a Ride!

Motorcycle Girl!

As soon as your Girlfriend has a huge butt. Hi, Folks, as any speed lover you probably know how great is to ride a bike. This can be an amazing feeling, when you are totally free and you will travel like a bird, no, faster than a parrot. But there is an issue to be a motor biker. No this is simply not about the safety and all that boring stuff, you listen to an incredible number of times from all those experts, who are driving Prius in Environmental Mode.

This may not be about using a bike is extremely dangerous. No, this is not about speed, because the only jerk is riding a bike without violating speed limit, additionally if we are speaking about sports bikes.

and this issue, you will see the key difference between motorcycle and car. And you will see, that motorcycle has fewer advantages that the good car. Let`s start! To ride a bike you desire a good stylish gear, because if you have boring and cheap gear – you should home.

The good helmet protects your mind from wasting your brain of the asphalt. This is the mandatory unit for any rider. Whether it is stylish – chicks will be using you. If not… work.

Physique protection also called Turtle-back. This thing looks cool and you are guarding your spine b this. However, there may be one more thing, that will protect your spine – a hot chick.

If your Girlfriend has a tiny rear end, you have two options: put her to make her ass nice in the gym, or change the Girlfriend. You may wonder, what is the disadvantage of the cycle? Imagine that you came up in the club on your bike, and connected up some horny baby twins? What will you do??? Of course, you can look how a car guy is putting them in his car!

Because you have only 1 place for one nice ass…




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