When Customer Doesn’t Pay Invoice and the Supplier Gets Petty

When it comes to business ethics, I guess that’s a world that different people might have different viewpoints of. For example, in one given situation, a supplier and a customer might look at the task at hand in a very different set of lights. After all, perspective is key in understanding a situation and all of these different perspectives can definitely change the way that something is seen, depending on who’s getting what as an end result and maybe who isn’t getting something that they think that they have owed to them.

This time, it would appear that a supplier was slated to deliver some sand to a customer. From where we’re sitting, it would appear as if the supplier did their part in delivering sand to where the customer wanted it and, if you take the title of the video for fact, it would also appear as if the customer decided not to pay the invoice.

It was at this point in time that the supplier decided to hop to action and it was in quite an unconventional way that the deed was done as the delivery company decided that maybe they wanted to get a little bit petty in order to try and get what they thought that they were owed.

In the video below, we watch as the supplier hops on the phone, sending some angry words in direction of the customer who they say hasn’t paid yet. In order to convince them that it’s time to shovel over the money, they decided to take a big truckload of sand and dump it right in front of the customer’s building, definitely something that could cause an inconvenience. At the end of the day, I don’t think that everybody would have exactly handled business this way if they weren’t paid to do a task that was already carried out, but I guess that is one way to try and collect a debt.



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