Winter Time – Fun Time! Uphill DRIFTING On A Snowy Road With A TRUCK! Lots Of Skills And Guts Here!

Most of the people we know do not like winter, because of the cold weather, snow plowing etc. Yet winter can be fun too! There are various was to have fun during winter time, but most of them are in accordance with people`s age, meaning that grown-ups can do stuff for children but not vice versa.

Anyways, the video we have prepared for today presents one adult way of having fun during snowy weather, but we must advise you to NOT try this at home! This situation is rather dangerous, no matter how easy it looks like at first glance. Namely, in this short footage, you are going to see a truck driver DRIFTING up the hill with his mini truck on a road covered with ICE and SNOW!

Plus, at the beginning of the video you will see that he is drifting on the verge of the road, which makes this performance even more dangerous! Apparently, the driver in question has serious skills and lots of courage that make this endeavor look so easy. Of course, we put our hats down, but (again) we strongly advise you to not attempt this stunt on your own.



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