This Is The World’s Biggest Street Engine – 16.5 Liter Making 1600HP And 1400 lb ft!

Worlds Biggest Engine – 1001 cubic inches street engine.

When you have a dream, no matter how long will it take, but it will become true. Of course, if you sit still and doing absolutely nothing, than this dream will do the same. To reach the target you must be persistent and work hard every single day. Peter Thau from Danemark knows very good the price of the dream and how hard it was to reach the target. However, now he has his target reached and moreover he has the biggest street legal engine. Of course he could just buy a new car with a big engine, but that`s not the same, like building an absolutely new engine.

Even now, when Hypercars are rolling on the street 10.2 liter engine sound very badass, especially if you drive 1.0 liter Smart. However, even 10 liter engine is not the top of the engine, and of course, Peter didn`t plan to build a Monster of Turin (21 – liter engine). What is the result of 20 years of work? Peter built 1001 cui engine (16.5 liter), which is charged with 1600 horsepower, and it has insane torque 1400 Newtons.

Actually, the initial idea was to build a motor, that is half-sized of present monster, but through the years Thau developed the technique to build an enormous 1001 cui guzzler! The only thing this engine requires is to hit the road, I would say: to burn the strip. 1600 horse power is more than enough to have a success on the drag strip, it`s very interesting to see this monster in business. Dyno test are interesting, but this is all about the theory, and engine must run, dominate and live. So we are wating Peter to built a custom chassis, because it`s quite hard to fit this big hear in stock body. We are waiting to hear good news from Peter Thau!



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