Is This The World’s Dumbest Criminal?

He’s certainly right up there.

His intention was to steal an ATM from a gas station. But the Australian robber botched the burglary job in hilarious fashion and the whole caper was caught on camera. Even better, Queensland police released the CCTV footage to the backdrop of some comical music.

Having stolen a white Holden Rodeo Ute, the would-be thief was well prepared to rip an ATM from the wall, with a thick chain attached to the back of the pickup. While covering his face wearing gloves, he used a combination of a concrete slab and a hammer to breach the shop’s protective glass.The crook was then able to attach the chain to the ATM machine.

Rushing back to the pickup, the dumb criminal failed to notice the chain had come apart. After driving off empty handed, the low life from down under returned. But his second daring attempt failed when he parked the pickup way too far from the chain. He then decides enough is enough, and flees.



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