This Is The Worlds Fastest Scooter And It Tells a Nissan Skyline R33 GTS-T Who’s The Boss!

When you see a mobility scooter you probably are a little sorry, because it`s driven by the very old man, or by the disabled people. You understand that this man has a strong willpower, to handle his mobility scooter. He probably has a problem, but he doesn’t give up and just driving to achieve his point B. If this mobility scooter is going on the road then you will definitely give him the way because it`s mobility scooter. And he is going about 5 mph, this electrical device, just cannot move faster, so you are becoming loyal to all those low-speed challenges.

Can you imagine that one day this scooter will humiliate you? No, not with all kind of stuff, that can damage your car. This mobility scooter will just feed your Skyline with the dust. No jokes, guys, this disability-scooter just shoots out like a cannonball, your Skyline is Wasted. This is not a stock scooter; it`s a tuned up “Granborghini”. His electrical power plant was removed and installed in R/C toy, I think. The power is catapulting this old speedster`s scooter is GSX 600F engine, therefore we have 77 horsepower for, I suppose, less than a 100 kg.

This motor is charging up the “Granbo” with 140 mph. It can resolve ¼ mile with 102.2 mph output. Get you Skyline out of the way, Granny`s late for bingo night! To ride this thing you must have strong rectal muscles, because, you can have a trouble with exhaust. Well, just imagine, you are riding a small solo mobility scooter with the speed of 140 mph, overtaking the Skylines, and probably, GTRs, as well as Mustangs and Vettes. Definitely, the one thought will persist: “How to stop this thing”. Pay attention, that the fastest mobility scooter in the World is equipped with the slicks. Sounds quite funny, but this “Granbo” can definitely burnout. 0-60 custom beast is reaching in 3.5 seconds. Folks, it`s like a GTR!

But if GTR is a very safe car, with airbags, 4 point seatbelts, traction control and strong passive safety range, then “Granborghini” has nothing at all. It`s evident, that “Garbo’s” strongest feature is the line-up, otherwise it should have tuned suspension because steering on the high speed is an impossible task. The Very high center of the masses makes this scooter only straight-liner. But anyways this is for fun, for the show. And this definitely works for the public.Well, if I`m gonna see my oldness, I know what ride would I have. This would be Granborghini, for sure.

To make this thing look better, and to make oldies to look at my beast, I will do some custom paintwork. So, that`s definitely is most desired mobility scooter for all old-aged speed maniacs. Granbo is fast, is furious, is light, and it can kick Skyline`s butt. The main point is that the speed addicts often doesn`t see their oldness, so they don`t need this mobility scooter, anymore. But if some of us will be the lucky one to become too old to drive his Muscle Car, he can ask his children to buy him a mobility scooter… with GSX600F engine. Who knows maybe till that time will appear supercharged V8 and 500 horsepower mobility scooters.



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