The Worst Bus Driver on the Planet!?

Man, oh man. When you take a look at this video, to most people, I think that it’s pretty clear that there’s a much better solution than how this bus driver decided to act but, maybe in the heat of the moment, he got all tangled up in how the situation was unfolding and the adrenaline simply became too much for him as he failed to see a way out of the tight sequence of events that would end up getting him into some big-time trouble. When you head out for a day as a bus driver, outside of people on your bus passing away because of your driving, this is pretty much a worst-case scenario if we do say so ourselves.

In this clip that was captured on a surveillance camera, we watch the bus as it appears to fail to be able to stop in time for the gate that swings down in front of a railroad so people won’t travel on the tracks as a train is about to come.


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