Wrecked DODGE RAM Still Runs! How Is This Even Possible?! That’s What We Call Endurance!

We have come a long way in car manufacturing. The vehicles of today are of much higher quality compared to the quality of their past counterparts. And this doesn`t just go for safety measures, but for every part on the car!

This especially goes for the engine, and this video we have here is to show us why! The star in this video is a wrecked Dodge Ram that has been completely ruined! It hurts just to look at how badly this Dodge Ram is damaged! But that is not what the point of the video is.

The whole thing is, even though the wrecked Dodge Ram has sustained severe damage, its engine still runs!!! And not only that, the driver even drives the destroyed Dodge Ram a couple of yards front and back! Given the big oil spots that can be seen on the floor in the video, that is one nice feat.


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