WTF?! Extreme Jump Got This Brand New Chevy Wrecked In An Instant!

Beating down a brand new truck in the mud would sure be crazy but do you know something a lot crazier than that?

Well, nothing beats the insanity level of purposely wrecking a brand new ride in an instant. And here’s a demonstration of it featuring a brand new Chevy Silverado taking an extreme jump in Silver Lake sand dunes in Michigan that got the Chevy wrecked in an instant.

You can tell you’re witnessing a redneck in action when you know wrecking a nice and fresh truck isn’t an issue. Fueled by the spectators’ cheer and the driver’s one-of-a-kind stupidity, the Chevy was sent flying around 30 feet high to the air, and back to the sand dunes in an impact, no truck could withstand undamaged.

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