Young Man Shows His TIG Welding Aluminium Skills On Some Soda Cans!


Welding Aluminium!

When welder is bored.When a mechanic is bored, and it has a lot of tools in his box than for sure there will be a great product. It may have no sense at all, but anyways this is really funy. You know, an artist, when is bored he takes something in his hands and starts to draw some lines, circles, and other stuff, and this may be a mock-up for a new great painting. The same thing is with mechanics, because being mechanic is the same as being an artist. I bet first tuning was made because of bore. When mechanics have no job to do, he will find it, because he just cannot sit still nearby this treasure in his toolbox.

Usually, they are staring to disassemble and to assemble their own cars. That`s why if you buy a second hand car from mechanic, have no doubts, that this car is perfect inside, all you need is to put some make-up on the car. So when two bored guys from America have a welder in their workshop and have no work to do. They will find it. For example what would be if they weld together two aluminum pop cans. The material they made of is very thin, and of course this procedure requires a surgeon level for welder. Bore is the progress catalysator, because guys got out from their workshop, walked along motorway to find two soda cans, finally found them.

And here the magic starts, to weld those two hands must be mounted properly. However, if they can weld two cans, they have right to show-off, because their level is quite high. OF course there are some mistakes, but however, they made it, and I am confident they will do this work better next time, they get bored in the workshop!


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