If You’ve Ever Driven a Trailer, This Video Will Probably Give you Anxiety to the Max

When you’re driving with a trailer behind you, it really seems like there’s a science behind piloting it just correctly to get it to where you need to go. If you swing it too tight, you might clip something and if you swing it too wide, well, the same thing might happen on the other side.

When you get into the art that is backing the trailer up appropriately, you’re talking about a whole new ball game entirely as directions are flip-flopped and you’re forced to think in reverse. It’s definitely something that takes a little bit of getting used to, to say the least.

In this one, we follow along with a situation that has a really incredibly tight fit that requires a large trailer to get over a bridge. Now, this bridge, in particular, doesn’t look like one that’s used to a whole bunch of traffic or weight.


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