ZiL Punisher – The Brand New Russian Armored Truck Passed The First Inspection!

The Russian president, Vladimir Putin, recently visited their Federal Security Service (ex KGB) in order to see the brand new selection of armored vehicles. Among them, is the vehicle we dedicate this article to – the ZiL Karatel! However, according to Russia Today, this vehicle was inspired by the famous comic The Punisher! Hence the “other” nickname – ZiL Punisher! For us, it resembles the Batmobile, a lot! Don’t you agree?

In addition to this, the American opponent of the Zil Punisher would be the Cougar MRAP, which frankly looks less cool than this vehicle, and has been in serving to our Army since 2002. Anyway, in this video below, you are going to see one more vehicle besides the Punisher, its name is the Viking! And of course, feel free to tell us what you think in the comment section below!



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