Zombies be scared! This badass Conquest Knight XV is the perfect vehicle of choice for any apocalypse!!


When I saw this thing, I knew something about it looked strangely familiar, but it just couldn’t quite place it. At first I thought it was just the resemblance to your run-of-the-mill Hummer H2, but that’s not it.

Then I remembered the Lamborghini LM002, and while there’s certainly a resemblance to Lambo’s 80’s SUV, that’s still not exactly what I was seeing.

Then it finally hit me, as soon as I scrolled down the comments on the YouTube posting: This is the Intruder from Grand Theft Auto V brought to life!


The Knight XV certainly has over-the-top video game design cues and is every bit as ridiculous as you’d expect any vehicle that shares so much with a digitized ride from the super-popular video game series.

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