5000 Shot Firework Deathstar Show That Will Blow Your Mind!

We have featured some of Youtuber Colin Furze’s videos on our site in the past. He is certainly someone who enjoys pushing the limits of what he can do and since he loves building and creating things he is is consistently coming up will wild and new creations! In this video we check out one of his wildest creations yet as he test runs his 5000 Shot Firework Deathstar!

Why did he decide to create such an insane firework display? Well, he recently hit the 3 million subscriber mark and decided to give each one of his followers a show they could not forget. We always know to expect the coolest, wildest and over the top inventions from Colin and this one is no different!

The end product looks like the new years eve ball ,but offers an even better firework show than the the New Years Eve firework show! to witness the extraordinary firework show click below! This is just one of the many reasons Colin Furze’s followers love his wild and creative antics so much!


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