Best of Tractors vs Cars Tug of War

While these tugs don’t always go the way of the mom-mobiles, it is genuinely impressive to see how some of these SUV’s do against tractors that at least look as if they’d have no problem dragging anything they were tied to. Of course, after seeing the SUV’s holding their own, some of the tractors pull off surprises of their own, so this video will literally keep you guessing as to which of the rides have the upper hand.

My personal favorite is the Hummer H2 tied to the bright blue tractor. The tractor does it’s very best to move the hefty GM SUV, but only manages to spin its tires.

However, as soon as the driver of the Hummer drops the hammer, it drags the tractor so hard that it looks as if the farm implement is actually going to roll into the back of the SUV.

I think the driver of the tractor was caught a little off guard by the Hummer, leaving him wide open to be yanked around, but it makes for a good laugh for sure.


Hit that play button and see what you think about these contests between unlikely competitors.


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