Brand New Diesel Powered Ford Ranger Raptor Takes On Huge Hill, Will there be a USA Version?

If you’re a fan of diesel powered trucks but don’t want to haul around all of the weight and size that comes with a 2500 series machine, there are a couple of options that might wet your whistle. One of them isn’t necessarily available here in the United States as it’s currently hit the Asia-Pacific market first, however, this little teaser that might just have you wanting to purchase a Ford Ranger Raptor as one shows off the diesel powered version of the truck that we think is pretty easy to fall in love with for truck fans.

In this one, it’s not a very long clip but what we do get is pretty enticing, to say the least, showing off just the right amount of hustle from a small truck like this as it makes you want to get behind the wheel and tangle with all that this beast has to offer.

We watch from behind as the all-black Ford takes off up the hill, with the driver laying into the throttle and giving it all that it’s got as the truck seems to very easily handle the incline, spitting out dirt behind it as it absolutely screams its way straight into your heart.

If you follow along in the video below, you get a look at one version of this very promising platform that might just have you wanting to learn more. While rumors say that this might not be the same exact version that will launch here in the States when and if it eventually does come over, it’s still enough of a monster that it really does manage to temporarily scratch that itch that’s just going to keep on itching until they finally do unleash the final details of the American version of this tiny beast of a machine with whatever power is under the hood.


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