Building An Amphibious Go-Kart

Depending on how handy you are and how long you’re willing to work in the garage to create your version of a dream machine, just about anything can come to life. If you can dream it up, within reason, there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to carry it out and this time, we see somebody who had some pretty high ambitions with what exactly they wanted to create and those big dreams wouldn’t delay them from putting together a whole bunch of factors to come up with a pretty neat vehicle that I think just about anybody with a need for speed want to get behind the wheel of.

Instead of just taking your regular run-of-the-mill go-kart and souping it up, these guys decided that they wanted to throw a little bit of a twist into the mix, taking such an average go-kart and turning it into an amphibious driver.

This means that, whenever they want, these guys could take their go-kart and drive it right off of the side of a boat ramp or beach, launching it straight into the body of water of their choosing and continuing the fun in the more aquatic sense than you would normally get out of such a machine on four wheels.

If you follow along down the video below, you’ll get a little glimpse of what exactly goes into creating something like this and how it looks when all is said and done. With projects like this, you never know what you’re going to get as a finished project until you try it out and work out all the kinks. We would be inclined to say that the result of this one looks to be a pretty big success. Sign us up for a ride on this bad boy ASAP!



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