This Car With a Roll Cage Held Together By Tape Flips And…Survives!

Fiberfix – The Tape That Is Strong As Steel : A Car With a Roll Cage Connected By This Kind Of Tape Flips And Survives Without Any Damage!

Hi again Folks! We brought you today a video from an ad of FiberFix, a tape that is even more strong than duct tape we use everyday. Can you count excatly how many minor problems can a duct tape can solve? A mechanic knows it well that there are hundreds of them.In fact the purpose of this article is not promoting FiberFix but for the great choice of their advertisement video.They built a roller cage connected by duct tape first and drove it off a cliff.They tried to tell that the random duct tape wouldn’t made it and couldn’t keep those joints together after the fall.We got mind blown after seeing that car crashing and the roller cage connected with regular duct tape destroying.

This not for the fact because they were destroying but we thought that funny redneck was inside that car because that’s what he said first,before the car flips over the cliff.We were sure he would be dead after seeing that horrible crash.Here comes the funny part.That funny redneck came in front of a camera and said the he’d never trust the random duct tape and he’d never get in that car with a roller cage helded together with random duct tape.

After this they connected the roller cage joints with the new tape they produce,Fiberfix. They drive the car once again off the cliff and the roller cage didn’t even got a joint unconnected.Check out the video below and see it yourself what happened.Share it with your friends.Enjoy!


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