Check Out These 6 Immortal Cars That Have Gone Over 1 Million Miles!

How many miles your car has until now in its odometer? Prepare for us a screenshot of it as we start naming 6 cars that have gone over 1 million miles.A huge number eh?
6-1989 SAAB 900 Turbo SBG owned by Peter Gilbert
He is one of the most fanatic SAAB fan history ever knows.He was a salesman and it took 17 years from his life to reach this huge number in his beloved SAAB.During this time,its transmission was replaced at 200,000 miles and some other parts after some minor accidents.

5-1964 Porsche 356 owned by Guy Newmark

Its owner, Guy,decided decades ago that he will drive this car for the rest of his life.Even it got stolen by his home last year,fortunately, he found it with some minor damages.It got 3 engine rebuilds during its life.

4-1983 Lincoln Towncar owned by Chet Belisle

3-1990 Honda Accord owned by Joe LoCicero

2-1966 Volvo P1800s owned by Irv Gordon

1-2006 Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD owned by Hugh Pennington

This Chevrolet has exactly 1,220,935 and during this short time,the owner drove it for 500 miles every day.WOW! Check out their full stories in the video we brought for you today and tell us what do you think. Enjoy!



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