A Chevy Racing Pickup Inspired By The Pagani Zonda? Why The Hell Not

Is this the world’s first hypercar truck?

We’ve honestly never seen anything quite like this before, but we’re sure as hell glad it exists now. Presenting a Chevrolet C-10 turned into a race truck. And who races? Its creator’s wife. /Drive’s Big Muscle host Mike Musto gets behind the wheel of this C-10R powered by an LS1 V8 spitting out 575 hp and 580 lb-ft of torque.

The six-speed manual was donated by a Dodge Viper. Its wheels? Massive. But not only is this thing fast and powerful, it also handles and grips like a real race car, and not some street truck meant for solely drag racing.But take a closer look at its styling. Does it look familiar?

It should, because it was inspired by the Pagani Zonda R. Oh, and that huge rear wing isn’t just for show. It really does produce some major downforce. And yes, it does sound how a proper racing machine should: loud. Definitely something that’ll piss off the neighbors.



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