Crazy Storm Hits Trucks On The Freeway! Golf Ball Size Hail?

This is some intense footage folks, and we have to warn you if you ever find yourself in a storm like this, you may want to consider either turning around or trying some other way to exit as quickly, but safely, as possible.

I’ll go ahead and say that after you’ve checked out the opening view of just how nasty this storm looks from a distance, you can go ahead and fast forward to the 1:45 mark to get to the point where the action really begins to take place.

This vehicle, which appears to be a Jeep based on the flat hood, though I’m not positive about that, is about to be absolutely hammered with hail. You can see the storm in the distance from the moment the video opens and there’s an obvious area of torrential rain, which can often contain hail as well.

There’s a sign above the highway alerting the motorists to the falling balls of ice, but as you can see, the drivers all proceed until they drive into the heart of the hailstorm. Before they really have a chance to react, the hail goes from sporadic to incessant, pounding the roof and hood of the truck with golf ball sized stones that all but certainly did some damage to all of the vehicles caught in the storm.


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