Crushing $40,000 Gold Bar With Hydraulic Press Is Oddly Satisfying!

Are you a good follower of Hydraulic Press videos on youtube?  Today we brought you the latest video uploaded by them where they try to crush a $40,000 worth Gold Bar and it is so satisfying to watch.Before you watch the video, how do you think it will handle the high pressure this machine adds on it?

Will it crush or will it stay as it is? Remember the answers and follow the article to see what happened there.

Before crushing this expensive metal,they have tried to crush a real diamond before.It couldn’t resist the high pressure and it broke like a piece of glass. It was a real disappointment to see a real piece of diamond crushing like that.We invite you to see the video we brought you today and don’t hesitate to leave us your opinion and your first impressions about it. Enjoy!

Check it out!


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