Family berated over broken-down truck surprised by ‘Diesel Brother’

Sometimes people just suck.

This is an unfortunate fact of life that we are often reminded of daily, especially with video and photos traveling across social media with blinding speed. It takes mere moments for videos to spread like wildfire, reaching literally millions of people in less than a day’s time.

However, at a time in our lives with negativity seems to run laps around good news, there are still glimmers of hope for our society, reminders that not ALL people suck. There are certainly still good people out there, and a lot of times they use some of the worst negativity as a catalyst for their positivity. That’s exactly what we’re seeing now with this video from “Heavy D” Sparks from the truck-centric Discovery Channel show Diesel Brothers.

Last weekend, Sparks ran across a video of Jose Caballero facing some outright hateful behavior from a couple of ignorant jerks after his truck lost steering on a mountain path. Caballero was pulling his family’s travel trailer when the failure occurred and he was left unable to move the rig, when meant the path was blocked until he could get the truck up and running. Despite his best efforts, however, Jose was unable to make the repairs on location.


Before he was able to call for assistance, Jose was verbally berated by two men who were unable to proceed up the path. One of the men, who’s been identified as Wyatt, literally screamed at Jose, sarcastically asked if he was deaf, and even grabbed Caballero’s ears and asked if they worked. Then, as if the verbal insults weren’t bad enough, Wyatt “offered” to move Jose’s trailer out of the way, but only if the family paid him to do so.

Well luckily, Heavy D and the Sparks Motors crew have the capability to not only fix Jose’s truck, but they’re doing a complete overhaul on his ride, free of charge. Hopefully this will show Jose and his family that for every jerk out there, there’s somebody willing to prove there is a lot of good left in the world. We can’t wait to see what the Diesel Brothers crew has in store for Jose’s truck, so check back to see how it turns out!



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