Fastest and Baddest SEMI Truck Ever? Anti Lag System Has This Thing Shooting Flames!

Just when you thought that the modification action stopped with cars and trucks that you could find on a dealer’s lot, out comes some action that is much bigger. This time, it’s not exactly a car that you would find in anyone’s driveway but instead, a semi truck that is getting on on the modification. If you’re unfamiliar with how the semi truck aftermarket works, there just so happens to be a rather large aftermarket for them, drawing in thousands of dollars as people spend their hard earned money on lots of different mods.

The modification goes on and on, hiding out under the hood and outside this rig alike, you can see where the owner has put some incredible amounts of time and money into this thing to bring it to life. Perhaps the most impressive part of this whole thing is what’s hiding out under the hood. We’re not exactly told if it has performance upgrades but from the looks of things, it probably does to accompany that anti-lag system that shoots flames out of the exhaust pipes and sends this tractor trailer on its way unlike any that we have ever seen before.

Follow along in the video below as this tractor trailer spools up and launches, getting that cargo to where it needs to go hurry. You’d better hope that everything in that trailer was packed tight because if not, that hard launch is definitely sending all of it flying in every which direction. After seeing this one, be sure to tell us what you think of how this rig is modified to turn heads! It’s not too common that you see a big rig like this one, so be sure to sink your teeth into it deep and see all that it has to offer.



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