First Look – 2019 Ram Pickups Are Going to be Roaring! (Sound Test)

When it comes to the new pickup trucks that are coming to the market, many of them have a lot to offer as it really seems to be an area that has been coming a very long way as of late.

With all the complicated features to really feast your eyes on with these trucks, you almost get distracted by all the technology and different things that you can expect within. However, sometimes, it’s all about the basics that will really make your head spin and make you fall in love with some of these machines from top to bottom.

One of the factors that can make you fall in love with any car or truck is the way that it sounds or doesn’t sound. That note that comes from the exhaust and engine combination can be something that makes your heart sing, however, if it’s a vehicle that you’re going to be spending a lot of time in and doing a lot of traveling with, you might not want that loud screaming exhaust to be screaming into your ear the entire time, after all. So how does the brand-new Ram pickup truck manage to stack up against the competition when it comes to these metrics?

Obviously, something like sound is a pretty subjective area with each person having their own personal preference on how exactly the perfect sounding truck is going to hit their ears. This time, thanks to TFLTruck, we really get an in-depth sound test on the brand-new Ram pickup to see exactly what this thing is going to be growling like when you really lay into the throttle or when you’re mellowly cruising down the highway. After checking this one out for yourself, be sure to tell us what your first impressions are on the note that’s coming from the latest that Ram has to offer.


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