Futuristic Helmets that I would buy Now

With all this technology circling around and advance at the pace of a epidemic disease, the motorcycle helmet industry is keeping pace.

With the recent crowd-funded launch of the Skully Ar-1, the biker industry was due for an upgrade. And this new Skully Helmet paved the way for many new developments combining technology and motorcycles.

It’s always a little fun to speculate where these types of advancements can lead, and just how far off in the future they are.

Let’s take a look at helmet concepts with a futuristic look that I would buy today, should they come into the market.

In no particular order, here they are:

Ironman helmet

This looks like a pissed-off version of an early version of an Ironman helmet with a modern steam-punk vibe. I like that it looks incredibly durable, and can take on a major impact to any side or front on.

The amount of viewing room through the small eye ports may not be optimal for riding over 100mph, but I can imagine that there is some artificial intelligence going on in the background that can fix this.

The all black color is always a great choice for any biker, it’s our favorite color.

Black and naked.

Key Features:

1. Carbon Fiber

2. Night vision

3. Beer holders/tubes

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