Futuristic Helmets that I would buy Now

 Batman Styled Helmet


The first thing to notice about this Batman styled helmet is the obvious horns protruding from the top. They look sturdy enough to use for self defense in some type of biker brawl you get into on the weekends.

The tinted face shield looks to provide plenty of front viewing area. And I’m not too sure what the side mechanisms will allow to functionally move, but they add a versatile look to this dark and modern spiked helmet concept.

The additional neck support and shoulder support are also need as this helmet looks like it might be made out of solid cold rolled steel, and weight about 35lbs. Hope that you have been doing you side neck raises on neck day.

Key Features:

1. Tinted Bulletproof faceshield

2. All black neck warmer

3. 2 Big pointy Man-spears


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