Girl Rowing Gears In Her Built Truck WIll Make You Smile

In the meantime, I think I’ll just put this video on loop and watch and listen to her rowing through the gears. There is one short moment in the video where our driver looks to have lost traction unexpectedly, throwing her otherwise poise and calm demeanor into a bit of a “Whoops! Did I do that?” state. However, the snafu only distracts her briefly, and she’s right back into focus mode,

It’s always an attractive attribute to be able to drive beyond just holding a wheel, so to see this chick shifting gears in a modded pickup is some serious badassness that we want to make sure is recognized as such. Hopefully word gets back to her and she will reach out and get us the details on her build. Hopefully there are other videos of this beauty out there for us to check out as well, and we’ll be looking for them this week. If any of you know @rstgirl, hit us up with a tag or a mention and we’ll take it from there. In the meantime, just enjoy the sights and sounds of this beauty slamming gears and putting her pickup through the paces.


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