Here’s how a ferrari car is delivered to the buyer’s door. A spectacular process

Taking Delivery of a brand new Ferrari

Having yourself the newest Ferrari car is a thing that everyone dreamed of at least once in their life. The car looks fantastic and all of the functions will be integrated within it. But have you ever thought about the way that this car is delivered?

Ferrari makes the delivery of the car seem truly special and they pack the car in a really interesting way. This is a special video in which you will learn how the Ferrari cars are being delivered to their owners. You will be amazed to know that Ferrari takes a great care in also delivering their cars and not only into making them.

This video shows how a Ferrari car is packed and delivered to its owner. As you see in this video, the package is truly incredible. The red color of the package is similar to the color of the car. Everyone that sees that package with the yellow logo knows that a Ferrari car is inside and it is ready to be delivered. Ferrari has done a great job in marketing its cars and they seem to take great care in delivering them too. This video shows how a red Ferrari is unveiled and delivered to its owner.


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