How This Compact Vehicle Jack Can Lift A Truck In Seconds

When it comes to a technology that has remained relatively the same for the past couple of decades, commonly used jacking systems have remained somewhat the same as far as consumer use is concerned. Some might have the “if it’s not broke don’t fix it” mentality, but on the other hand, if something better comes along it would be foolish to ignore it.

This time, we check out a new innovation that is known as a “TrestleJack.” The basic concept here is not to lift using any regular machine but instead to make lifting your trailer into the air are a lot easier, allowing you to use the momentum of your truck and basic physics to lift it into the air.

By simply placing these things underneath of your trailer and rolling back onto them, you’re able to lift the heavy mass into the air, all without having to use any sort of hydraulic systems or any kind of manual labor at all. This could be really convenient, considering that getting the trailer into the air in any other way could provide quite a hassle.

Check out the video down below that shows us exactly how this unique setup can take the time and effort that it takes to jack up the trailer down to an all new low. It’s tools like this that are really changing out the way that we go to work and making those painstaking little monotonous tasks a lot easier.



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