These Idiots Holding NYC Traffic For a Photoshoot With Their Gold BMW I8 Get Instant Karma!

Being rich doesn’t mean that you are the perfect guy and the world goes around only for you. I mean,congratulations about your money or being more specified,congratulations to your father’s money because owning a BMW I8 when you are 20 years old is nearly impossible.

Anyway,these two teenagers are enjoying their ride on their supercar around NYC and taking photos when suddenly something horrible happened.In fact, the deserved that baseball bat in their head not only in their BMW’s windshield.Somebody driving after them got out of his car and crashed their windshield.A lot of cash to be paid now.

The reason I said that they deserved it is because they were holding the traffic just for a photoshoot.Are you kidding me? Who does that? Do they know that there are people that are going at work and they are late? Do they know that there are people that cannot wait to go to their children and taking a rest after a boring shift at work? No, they don’t,and they got what they deserved.Check out the video and leave us a comment.Share it with your friends as well!

Check it out!



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