Japanese musings on odd construction equipment — Art imitating life or vice-versa?

For the individuals who work in industrial facilities or on building destinations the hardware utilized probably won’t be too amazing. In any case, when laymen look at these enormous masses of apparatus they can look befuddling or out and out terrifying.

Like taking a gander at mists and heavenly bodies, when individuals see something surprising with they can’t resist the urge to relate it to something increasingly recognizable. This is exactly what happened when a gathering of Japanese Twitter clients imparted their encounters to obscure machines and what it helped them to remember.

“I found this machine. You don’t see these much in Ikebukuro, right?”

“It looks like the boss of an old 2-D shooting game.”


It surely looks like one of those irritating managers with additional long legs that you’d either shoot straight through or would hinder each shot gratitude to the absence of a third dimension.

This is, indeed, assembled a lifter and it’s utilized to put and dismantle off-road cranes (truck mounted cranes).

For certain tasks it may not be conceivable or savvy to drive the off-road crane as one piece because of weight confinements some roads.  Instead they transport it in pieces and utilize this thing to assemble it on location.

Here’s a video showing how it works… which is to say very, very slowly.

“These machines have 3-D Maneuver Gear… two winches with wires attached to the back move it up, down, left and right.”

In the event that you’re curious about 3-D Maneuver Gear, at that point you’re most likely not an enthusiast of the Attack on Titan manga and anime arrangement… yet. The story’s heroes utilize comparable pulleys on their bodies to move every which way so they can battle the monster man-eating titans.

“Machine and Tachikoma”

That’s a bit of a stretch, there’s maybe a passing resemblance to the sentient tanks of the Ghost in the Shell series… maybe.

“These double arm types, the developers must’ve been into Gundam.”

This person is referring to the driver’s seat which does look a lot like a Gundam pilot’s chair.

“A labor I saw at the airport.”

“Oh, that’s definitely a labor.”

They could be talking about the Extllabor, but there’s a few spidery robots in Patlabor.

“This machine is equipped with a charged particle cannon. But the acceleration coil is longer than the body. Hmmm. Pile driver? What’s going on here.”

We’ll abandon you with fast flame substantial apparatus that, while not attracting correlations with manga or computer games, stunned, confounded, and delighted Twitter clients in Japan.

“This machine is too cool.”

“Now, this is some heavy machinery!”

“It’s known as the world’s largest machine and the name is freakin awesome! ‘Bucket Wheel Excavator’”

“It’s heading towards Rikuzentakada City now. Super huge equipment in Kesennuma. I didn’t know things like this existed.”

“The sticker on it reads ‘Don’t turn your back on machines!!’ Somehow… I summed up the courage to do so.”

“Saw this while out for a walk. Is this machine really needed here?”

“These drivers are really law-abiding. LOL”

“This machine had fallen off near the top of the mountain. It’s like it got exhausted making the road up there.”

“This little red machine is cute when it’s on four legs.”

“Seen from a bridge in Ochanomizu, this cool thing was digging up the bottom of the river. It was like a zoo. People walking past would stop and stare at it for a bit.”



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