This Kicker Truck Has So Many Speakers, it Destroyed the Truck from the Inside Out

In the world of sound systems, people just go bigger and bigger every day. if you’re unfamiliar with this world of competitive audio, builders go above and beyond, trying to do all that they can to be the most ferocious build out there, just like in any other form of automotive modification.

Many times, this will come in the form of making the most decibels, more than the rest of the competition, on their way to destroying parts of their vehicles that house their audio components. As a spectator, it’s incredibly interesting to watch is nothing more than the act of moving air pretty much shakes some of these vehicles to their core.

This time, we catch up with a work truck that has been entirely filled with speakers, almost more than you can count! When the demonstration goes live, almost immediately, you see the air displaced by the speakers completely wreaking havoc on that windshield and blasting it to bits!

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