Mega Equipment Machines Destroy Ice & Sanctions Food In Russia!

These machines here will rock your world! Gigantic mega equipment machinery that know no obstacles! The ones that makes our lives so much easier! They are situated in Russia and are doing one hell of a job! They are created to carry out chores that 100 years ago looked like fantasy! They are doing that fantasy with great ease!

They can crawl everywhere with their staggering tracks! No terrain is difficult for these babies! Their tractive force is beyond comprehension! These machines are literally taking away Mother Nature`s launch money and getting away with it! The type of machines that you are about to see in the footage below are some mean and powerful bulldozers indeed!

The first one is a snow destroyer called The Yeti! It makes the snow smooth as a glass! Up next you will see a bulldozer destroying food! All that food being destroyed is a hard sight to look upon!

Russia applied an embargo on Western imports and all of that food is being destroyed with this mean mega equipment machinery! It`s going through hundreds of tons of food like slicing through butter! It`s rather a sad sight. Nevertheless, that machine is a pure beast!



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