Now You Can UNSCREW The TIGHTEST LUG NUTS! EZ Heavy Duty Lug Wrench Offers Gear Ratio Of 1 To 78!

You can easily change the flat tire of your truck, bus, RV, moving vans, tractor, other farm equipment etc. just by using your own strength! However, the real advantage of the EZ lug wrench is that it has gear ratio of 1:78!

That gear ratio is resulting in 5000 lbs of torque! That is truly impressing when you consider that this wrench is fully hand operated. It even does a better job than an impact wrench without the air compressor!

The gear ratio of 1:78 means that 78 turns on the input shaft turn the output shaft only once! In other words, you will not sweat when you will have to change the tire next time! Additionally, this amazing EZ heavy duty lug wrench comes with an extension bar which helps to remove the nuts one loosen! And one question and this very end: Have you had an experience with this tool? If you had, feel free to share it with us!


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