Old vs new Range Rover tug of war!

A tug of war is when two groups pull the rope from both ends. In this case we aren`t talking of a tug of war with groups of people, but about one that features two Range Rovers. One of the Range Rover is old and the other one is a newer version of it.

Some British people decided to test which one of them has a bigger force. They tied the back of the cars with a strong rope as the cars were parked. This activity can turn into a disaster and it can easily get out of hand, but the people in this video don`t seem to have a problem with that.

As you see in the video, after everything is set up, the old Range Rover starts off furiously trying to move the new one away. The new one withstands the force with ease. After this, the new Range Rover starts dragging the old one with a great ease. This can easily prove that the new technology is better and thanks to the newer wheels the traction is better. The direction of power was enough to beat the power of the old Range Rover, as you can see in this great video.


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