One Mean SLEEPER Silverado Work Truck Right Here!

We have seen some sleepy sleepers over the past few years, but when it comes to absolutely looking and sounding like a harmless daily driven ride and then throwing down some killer runs when it unleashes all the power on the track.

This square body Chevy just might take the cake as the most drastic difference between appearance and performance of any sleeper we’ve ever seen.

This truck looks like it would literally be right at home as a daily driver around the farm or just for Uncle Clarence to tool around town in on the weekends. There’s literally not a single giveaway that the truck is anything but totally stock C10 that looks and sounds just like the day it rolled off the showroom floor a few decades ago.

It even idles like a stock truck, although it does sound like it may have an aftermarket muffler swapped for the factory unit, but other than that, you’d have no idea what’s about to happen whenever the driver rolls in and stages and takes the green light.



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