One Mean SLEEPER Silverado Work Truck Right Here!

However, as soon as the driver stomps on the throttle, the truck plants the tries, which also look like the ones that were on the truck when it was bought new, and launches hard.

To make things even more interesting, it sounds like the driver has plumbed up a pretty healthy shot of nitrous and as soon as the truck is moving, he activates the nitrous and things go from fun to down right badass!

When the spray hits, the truck looks as if it launches a second time, the engine roaring to life and propelling the truck down the track like a full on race combo.

While the name of the no time game is keeping your secrets well hidden, we don’t think there will be too many more opportunities for this truck to sneak up on anybody after our buddy Justin from the JMalcom2004 YouTube channel caught him putting in work, so his fun may be short lived.


However, there may be some folks out there who didn’t see this footage and will fall victim to the sleepy little square body.


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