The Original 1966 Batmobile Sells @ Auction For 4.2 MILLION DOLLARS!

Batman is one of the most loved comic book series in the world.There have been several different film adaptations and as a result a variety of different props and fan memorabilia have been produced. Most fans of the movies or comics stick to the action figures, comics and miscellaneous items created for the films. However, the fans with a bigger bank account are willing to go more extreme to show off their fandom.

In this video we are taken to a Barret Jackson auction where they are showcasing the original 1966 Batmobile that was built by George Barris. It is an out of this world collectors item that would thrill any automotive enthusiast and especially a Batman enthusiast. Therefore, the fight for this unforgettable Batmobile get heated at lasts for quite a while! Finally after several minutes of price budding someone conquers everyone with their whopping 4.2 MILLION DOLLAR bid!

Hit the play and watch the sale as it happens live on the auction floor! This gorgeous Batmobile sure made one Batman lover a happy and dedicated fan!


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