Being a policemen in Russia seems to be a hard job

Being a policemen in Russia seems to be a hard job. You probably know all of the videos that come from this country and you probably already laughed at some of them. When you have to deal with Russian drivers it can easily get out of hand. The drivers are known to be quite aggressive and they are also known for not respecting the law. When they have to deal with the police, they usually try to find ways to escape. This is exactly what this video is all about and it turns out to be funny.

As you see in this video, the policemen try to pull over some cars in a peaceful neighbourhood. It seems peaceful at first, but as the video shows, some of the cars simply ignore the policemen. One of the car almost hits one of them in its quest to escape.

The cars are speeding up when they come close to the policemen and they try to escape. After seeing all of this, the policemen decide to chase the cars that tried to escape. It turns out to be a really funny video and it seems that in Russia continues to be a big problem with the drivers.



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