It Really Sucks To Be This Guy

Unless you love mustard. Like, really love it.

Anatoly has driven trucks for over thirty years. For the past five of these, the experienced trucker has been delivering office supplies. Staples, Xerox paper, the occasional load of work desks. But on this fateful day, 59-year-old Anatoly was tasked with delivering mustard.

Reluctant at first, Anatoly was eventually convinced to haul the tasty condiment across the motherland. “What could possibly go wrong?” they asked. How about a combination of high speed, wet conditions and a bit too much vodka in his morning bowl of cornflakes resulting in the truck careering into another truck.

“Oh, that.”The impact resulted in hundreds of bottles of mustard being splattered across the highway, dousing the truck, and covering poor Anatoly from head to toe in the yellow stuff. Too stunned to move, it took the emergency services hours to clear up the mess and even longer to prize the poor guy out of the cab.


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